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Besøksadresse: Kirkegata 6, 3520 Jevnaker

Postadresse: Postboks 60, 3521 Jevnaker.

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Kommunenummer: 3053
Organisasjonsnummer: 961 381 363

Welcome to Jevnaker

Are a visitor or a new resident of Jevnaker? We are happy to provide answers to any question you might have regarding Jevnaker and the services the municipality provide

New in Town? We are happy to help

We are happy to help youOur Service Centre is located at the Town Hall, with easy access from the Town Square. The Service Centre allows residents to access a wide range of public services, and provides answers to any question you might have.

Jevnaker Municipality
Kirkegata 6
3520 Jevnaker
Telephone: (+47) 61 31 57 00The Town Hall entrance
Fax: (+47) 61 31 57 00
Email: postmottak@jevnaker.kommune.no

Service Centre opening hours
Monday - Friday  10am - 2pm

Mayor of Jevnaker:
Morten Lafton (Norwegian Labour Party)

Town clerk of Jevnaker:
Erling S. Kristiansen

Shopping and business 

Shopping at NesbakkenNesbakken is the town centre of Jevnaker, with a selection of shops and eateries surrounding the town square and main street Storgata, as well as bank and postal service, the town hall with municipal offices and medical centre, library, a youth culture centre and bus connections. Nesbakken is situated at the south bank of Randsfjorden, 500 metres from Hadeland Glassverk.

Bergermoen is a commercial park southwest of Nesbakken, and host to primarily industrial and engineering businesses.

Toso is situated northeast of Nesbakken and Hadeland Glassverk, and provides a hardware and timber store as well as restaurants, medical centre and Jevnaker train station.

Housing, schools and kindergartens 

Kindergarten in JevnakerJevnaker is densely populated, and a large amount of the population is housed in central residential areas in the southern part of Jevnaker. Farms and rural residentials are mostly found in the northern parts.

Three schools provide the children public education: the primary schools Bergerbakken and Toso and secondary school Jevnaker.

Four public and three private kindergartens provide professional daycare for children from 1 years of age.


Recreation and sports 

Activities for youths are popularBoth summer and winter, Jevnaker offers a plethora of choice for people interested in hiking, skiing, swimming and outdoor activities in general. Centuries of forestry has left mile by mile of forest trails in the massive hillsides surrounding Jevnaker. Jevnaker is the northern entry to the Nordmarka forest, and its highest point is found at Svarttjernshøgda (717 metres above sea level)

Jevnaker has a warm and dry climate in summer. Several centrally located public beaches provide for water activities and recreation on hot summer days, any of which provide public toilets and wheelchair access. 

Winters in Jevnaker are usually blessed with snow, and cross country skiers can choose from a vast network of ski tracks, including illuminated tracks for night skiing.

Jevnaker Stadium is a state of the art sports park, and includes two fullsize football courts (one open all year), ice skating rink, a sports hall (with ball courts, climbing wall, shooting range and swimming pool), a skate park and more.

Arts and Culture 

Hadeland GlassverkHadeland Glassverk is among Norway’s prime tourist attractions, and Norway’s oldest industrial corporation in continuous operation. Artists and glass-blowers have provided  premium glass design since 1762. The public is allowed inside the glass factory, watching unique products take shape before their eyes – as it was 250 years ago. Hadeland Glassverk also provide many opportunities for quality eating and tax-free shopping.

Website: Hadeland glassverk


From Kistefos MuseumThe Kistefos museum consists of buildings, machines, tools and objects, all of which are used to tell the stories about the work and the social life of those who worked and lived either in the factory area or near Kistefos Pulp Mill. The museum hosts annual art exhibitions and is also the venue for the largest permanent outdoor collection of contemporary art in northern Europe.

Website: Kistefos and The Twist

Geography and transportation 

Jevnaker is centrally situated. Major cities like Oslo, Drammen and Gjøvik are all within an hour's drive by car. Oslo Airport Gardermoen is reached in just 40 minutes on the E16. Both the Oslo-Bergen railway and Oslo-Gjøvik Railway is a 15 minute drive from Jevnaker.

Tourist information 

Visit Innlandet

Municipal Arms

Jevnaker municipality's coat of arms is designed by Kari Ruud Flem. The three silver goblets on a red background refers to the century-long tradition of glassblowing - glass works in the village has always been of great importance to art and culture. The trophy is an ancient heraldic motif symbolizing abundance and joy. The red color expresses warmth and celebration.